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Okay everyone!  I wanted to give everyone a little update on what I am doing in the next couple months.

As of thirty seconds ago, I have unpublished all three of my books.  I am giving them a makeover with the help of a few friends!

They will be better edited, and have new covers!  I will re-publish Boomtown starting April 1st!  I should be doing a blog tour with Boomtown starting mid march.

Yet again, I wanted to thank everyone who has read my books!  I hope you find that the newer versions are more to everyone’s liking!

The next book, Highway Don’t Care, will be published the first Tuesday in May.  Then the third will be the first Tuesday in June.  Finally, the first Tuesday in July, the fourth book–Last Day of My Life, will be published.

I also have high hopes that the fifth in the series will be published that very next month!