KPD SWAT Generation 2.0

Contemporary Romance

All books are available in ebook, audio, and print.

The KPD SWAT Generation 2.0 Series includes the following books: JUST KIDDING (Dax Tremaine & Rowen Roberts), FRIES BEFORE GUYS (Derek Roberts & Avery Flynn), MAYBE SWEARING WILL HELP (Ford Spurlock & Ashe Trammel), ASK ME IF I CARE (Hayes Greer & Ares Downy), MAY CONTAIN WINE (Louis Spurlock & Calloway “Way” Alvarez), JOKE’S ON YOU (Booth Pena & Dillan Davidsdottir), JOIN THE CLUB (Bourne Pena & Delanie Davidsdottir), ANY DAY NOW (Adam Stoker & Amelia Mackenzie), SAY IT AIN’T SO (Samuel Adams & Hastings Hughes), OFFICIALLY OVER IT (Nathan Cox & Regina “Reggie” Morton), NOBODY KNOWS (Malachi Gnocchi & Sierra Spurlock), and DEPENDS ON WHO’S ASKING (Saint Nicholson & Carolina “Caro” Perez).

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Just Kidding

Book 1

Fries Before Guys

Book 2

Maybe Swearing Will Help

Book 3

Ask Me If I Care

Book 4

May Contain Wine

Book 5

Joke's on You

Book 6

Join the Club

Book 7

Any Day Now

Book 8

Say It Ain't So

Book 9

Officially Over It

Book 10

Nobody Knows

Book 11

Depends On Who's Asking

Book 12

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