Souls Chapel Revenants MC

Contemporary Romance

All books are available in ebook, audio, and print.

The Souls Chapel Revenants MC Series includes the following books: REPEAT OFFENDER (Lynnwood “Lynn” Thatcher & Six Broussard), CONJUGAL VISITS (Trouper “Troup” Aoki & Beckham Spurlock), JAILBAIT (Patrick “Trick” Wheat & Swayze Marrin), DOIN’ A DIME (Hunt McJimpsey & Wyett Villin), KITTY KITTY (Absinthe “Sin” Solomon & Blaise Mackenzie), GEN POP (Zachariah “Zack” Caruso & Crockett Archer), INMATE OF THE MONTH (Laric Windsor & Catori “Cat” Stoker), and SHAKEDOWN (Bruno Marks & Belle Pena).

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Repeat Offender

Book 1

Conjugal Visits

Book 2


Book 3

Doin' A Dime

Book 4

Kitty Kitty

Book 5

Gen Pop

Book 6

Inmate of the Month

Book 7


Book 8

Author Note: This timeline is really going to be kind of wonky. So please do not think that this series will go well timeline-wise with previous series, because it doesn’t. (Ex. Lynn should be as old as Silas, but he is not.)

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