The Carter Brothers

Contemporary Romance

All books are available in ebook, audio, and print.

This series follows a group of brothers (You met one in Val and Felix’s book Sold to the Circus, Garrett) who are all cops. And the ladies that they meet are going to be a little bit…rebellious. 😛 Definitely giving the rule-following police officers a run for their money.

The Carter Brothers Series includes the following books: NO CAP (Quincy & Hollis), I CAN’T EVEN (Quaid & Ellodie), THIRST TRAP (Quinn & Shayne), CLAP BACK (Auden & Maven), RENT FREE (Atlas & Elliette), TIME TO BOUNCE (Gable & Athena), and YOLO (Garrett & Bindi).

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No Cap

Book 1

I Can't Even

Book 2

Thirst Trap

Book 3

Clap Back

Book 4

Rent Free

Book 5

Time to Bounce

Book 6


Book 7

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