Gator Bait MC

Contemporary Romance

All books are available in ebook, audio, and print.

The Gator Bait MC Series includes the following books: NOBODY CARES UNLESS YOU ARE PRETTY (Wake Westfield & Dutch Panchek), GOOD TROUBLE (Bain McDempsey & Diana “Luce” Grassi), CUTE BUT PSYCHO (Etienne LaFayette & Matilda Deveraux), ANNOYED AT FIRST SIGHT (Cassius Ulysses Costas & Alice Paradis), THE VOICES ARE BACK (Aodhan McBanks & Morrigan St. Pete), SPECIAL KIND OF TWISTED, and I’LL JUST DATE MYSELF (Kobe Sano & Folsom).

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Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty Cover Art

Book 1

Good Trouble Cover Art

Book 2

Cute But Psycho Cover Art

Book 3

Annoyed At First Sight Cover Art

Book 4

The Voices are Back Cover Art

Book 5

Special Kind of Twisted Cover Art

Book 6

I'll Just Date Myself Cover Art

Book 7

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