Bear Bottom Guardians MC

Contemporary Romance

All books are available in ebook, audio, and print.

The Bear Bottom Guardians MC Series includes the following books: MESS ME UP (Rome Pierce & Izzy Solis), TALKIN’ TRASH (Lincoln “Linc” James & Conleigh Reins), HOW ABOUT NO (Wade Johnson & Landry Hill), MY BAD (Hoax Hicks & Pru Mackenzie), ONE CHANCE, FANCY (Benson “Bayou” Beauregard & Phoebe Mackenzie), SHIT HAPPENS (Ezekial “Zee” McGrew & Jubilee Cope), KEEP IT CLASSY (Castiel Hendrix & Turner Hooch), SNITCHES GET STITCHES (Josiah “Liner” Paldecki & Theodora “Theo” Threadgill), and F-BOMB (Slate Solis & Harleigh Tremaine).

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Mess Me Up

Book 1

Talkin' Trash

Book 2

How About No

Book 3

My Bad

Book 4

One Chance, Fancy

Book 5

It Happens

Book 6

Keep It Classy

Book 7

Snitches Get Stitches

Book 8


Book 9


A long time ago, a group of boys wanted to branch off from their fathers’ MC. At first, their fathers decided that they would be Dixie Wardens, and would start up a new Texas Chapter of the very high-profile motorcycle club. But…these boys finally broke free of the authority their fathers had over them and made a name for themselves. By doing that, they pissed off their biker fathers, but also showed them that they were no longer children, but men.

That’s how the Bear Bottom Guardians MC came to be.

A few of the Dixie Warden kids have branched off from the Dixie Wardens MC® and have made names for themselves by forming their own motorcycle club and finding new members that are just as rebellious as they are.

Their fathers understand…kind of.

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