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Maybe Swearing Will Help

March 10, 2020

SWAT Generation 2.0, Book 3

Ford Spurlock has known Ashe Trammel since they were babies.

He’s also done his level best to stay away from her because every time he gets to within five feet of her, they’re fighting like cats and dogs.

Ashe is the apple of her father’s eye. The motorcycle club princess that was never to be harmed in any way—or touched for that matter. And he’s always resented the fact that she could get away with things that he couldn’t. Things that she then blames on him and he always gets punished for.

Fast forward to adulthood, and Ashe is still off limits. Still driving him insane. Still…beautiful.

She never misses an opportunity to give him hell, either.

That has to be why he agrees to do a photoshoot for KPD SWAT that’ll benefit her charity even when he’d rather shoot himself in the foot with his duty weapon.

* * *

Ashe never thought he’d agree.

Honestly, she thought she’d ask him, he’d say no, and that’d be the end of it.

She never realized that she’d leave his photo up in her cubicle, and it’d be the last thing that she saw every night as she locked her office door.

When they were kids, Ford used to be that boy that threw dirt at her and pulled her hair.

Now, he’s the same Ford Spurlock, only a whole lot sexier. And a lot harder to say no to.

When he challenges her to one date, she has no other recourse but to agree.

What she didn’t agree to was falling in love with Mr. March. Or wanting to give him everything she had to give.

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