March 3, 2016

The Uncertain Saint’s MC: Whiskey Neat

Whiskey Neat

Title: Whiskey Neat
Series: Uncertain Saints MC, Book 1
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2016
Photographer: Furious Fotog
Cover Model: Chase Ketron

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Griffin Storm wasn’t prone to violence, but when someone takes what Griffin holds dear, the world as he knows it is gone.

Retaliation, revenge and rage fuels him. His MC, The Uncertain Saints, do their best to offer support, but Griffin is beyond redemption. He’ll do what he has to do. Kill who he has to kill.

He doesn’t care if that means he dies. If it gets him what he wants, then it’s worth it.

He fakes it all until the night he walks into a sex shop for batteries and lays eyes on a woman that will change his life.

Lenore makes him think past tomorrow. Makes him want to see just what the future might bring.

But his life’s a dangerous one built around pain and deception, and not for the faint of heart.

He won’t give up the past, not until he’s done what he promised to do.

And if that means she’s not there when the dust settles, he’ll risk it.

Lenore, though, won’t give up on him. She’ll fix him, whether he wants her to or not.

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Whiskey Neat Teaser


“I’m not going to hurt you,” Griffin growled, interrupting my inner diatribe.

“I know,” I lied.

He snorted. “Stop shaking. I said I wouldn’t harm you. I’m a cop.”

Yeah, but good cops didn’t beat the shit out of people in the dark of night.

So what did that make him?

“Keys,” Griffin said, snapping me out of my reverie.

I did not want to give this man the keys.

But did I have much of a choice?


So I gave the man my keys, and watched in agony as he walked into my house, looked through all my rooms, then started into my bedroom last.

I probably wouldn’t have freaked out the way I did had I realized he was only going to be more persistent in going into my room, but I did freak out.

Then he got a curious look in his eye.

“Don’t go in there!” I yelled when he started to push my bedroom door open.

He cocked his head. “Why not?”

Because the vibrator you gave to me is on my nightstand…next to my lube!

Instead, I settled on, “Because that’s my room! Get out!”

He grinned.

It was the first grin I’d ever seen grace his lips, and I knew I’d do anything to see it again.

Even humiliate myself by letting him go into my room and see my greatest embarrassment yet.

And I knew the instant he saw it once he turned on the light.

His body froze, spine going solid.

And although he went through the room, even checking under the bed, he stopped by the night stand and picked up the vibrator that’d very recently been inside of me.

Then, with dawning horror, he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply.

My mouth dropped open at the way his eyes darkened.

Mother. Fucker.

Then, without another word, he placed the vibrator down gently on the nightstand and left, disappearing into the night.

Leaving me with a proverbial flood going on in my panties as arousal shot through me at the way he’d knowingly smelled the vibrator.

Sweet baby Jesus, that was hot!

So very, very hot.

And so very, very bad.

My mind was torn in between wanting him to come back, and to stay far, far away.

I did, however, go out onto my front porch to look down the street.

However, when I got in place to look without being seen, every single one of them was gone.

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