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Welcome to the Circus, Book 3

Show Off


Show Off

Welcome to the Circus, Book 3

Seventy shades of messed up.

That was what she’d been told about herself for nearly her entire life.

From a young age, she knew what it was like to be hated. To be loathed so much by a person that they literally resented the air you breathed.

For her entire childhood, she fought to live, despite her father’s constant effort to make her life a living hell.
Her sisters and brother have no clue what kind of closet psychopath their father really was, and she’ll die before she ruins their picture-perfect view of him.

Why? Because she’s already broken. There’s no fixing this kind of damaged. But there’s no reason everyone else needs to suffer, too.

* * *

From the moment Hannibal Peters laid eyes on Hades Singh, he knew she was the one.
That was why he ran.

That was why, when he saw her suffering, he couldn’t stay away.

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